Talk To Me by Lena Kukuy

ARTIST NOTES: Depicting animals demands high professional skills and deep knowledge of their anatomy. They are never still, they never pose. Therefore, it is very rewarding to paint them in the right way. If you have any questions or would like to purchase this artwork, please contact the artist at


DIMENSIONS (Height - 54.00 cm X Width - 72.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Paper
GENRE Animals
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2692-0146-01
COPYRIGHT © Lena Kukuy
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Artist: Lena Kukuy


Lena Kukuy, originally from St.Petersburg, Russia.


Education and Degrees:

Lena has achieved a  PHD in Art Sciences (fine & applied arts, design & architecture) in the Academy of St.Petersburg for Design , Arts & Industry in Russia.
She also has a Master’s  Degree in Architecture which was completed at St. Petersburg’s Academy of Fine Arts, Repen Institute. 

Throughout her career Lena has designed several architectural exterior and interior design studies for several residential projects in Syria and Libya.

Lena participated in major official artistic and architectural exhibitions in Syria and abroad as early as 1987.

She has held numerous exhibitions in different countries such as:

• The National Museum,Aleppo (1988)
• Alsuwaih Gallery,Tripoli,Libya (1994)
• Arts House, Tripoli,Libya  (1996)
• Kuwait Gallery for Fine arts,Kuwait (2002)
• Al-Sayed Gallery,Damascus (2005)

Lena Kukuy has had her paintings purchased by:

• The National Museum, Damascus
• Museum of Dummar city, Syria
• The Ministry of  Education in Syria
• The Ministry of  Education in Lebanon
• The Presidential Palace in Libya

Her paintings have also shown international interest and are now present in private collections throughout the world. In Australia-Russia- Poland- The United states – Canada-Cyprus-Malta-Italy –Austria-Tripoli (Libya )-Lebanon-Saudi Arabia-Kuwait. 

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